Saturday 25 April 2015
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Two wrongs do not make one wrong to be right.

I personally like positive criticism, such as saying, “your initiative is good, but how about doing it this way”.

It takes courage to build a company and even more courage and hard work to build a company with a good name and service like World Focus.

Behind every successful man there is a successful woman and vice versa. Behind every successful woman there’s a successful man.

Mr Inus Bester has been a friend of mine since 1997 and we became even better friends during the 1999 election campaign, but it’s ­time for straight talk. “All you try to do is always a flop, my friend. Your business, your political career, your so-called journalism – all a mess.”

Ward councillor Stephan Louw, take a look opposite Main Road. Do you think a lot of metal scrap like that, when one enters Vredenburg, is a positive scene?

The trucks parked opposite the Toyota garage, the filth around the main traffic lights ... do you think it is a good sight?

The Meyer couple did something better. They employed many people and built a company out of nothing to be a successful service provider.

Let us teach the community to respect local entrepreneurs. The municipality criticises local companies, yet fold their arms and deprive them of development.


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